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Language Arts

Jolly Phonics is the curriculum that we use for English and Language Arts. It consists of five main components: learning the letter sounds, learning the letter formations, blending sounds, identifying sounds in words, and learning how to read and spell "tricky" words (words that don't follow the phonetic code).  We will be learning 2-3 letters a week.  As we learn each new letter, I will post them here so that you can help your child at home.


Everyday Mathematics is the curriculum we use for math. It largely consists of daily routines including the calendar, observing the daily weather, our daily schedule, survey questions, number of the day, and daily attendance. With these things we look at patterns, graphs, tally marks, different numbers and ways to represent those numbers, order and comparisons.
Other things we will explore through the daily lessons are money, comparing lengths and making measurements, determining the volume of certain objects, being able to make and read graphs, writing numbers, sorting by attribute, learning about shapes and patterns, and estimating.

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