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Homework Expectations

Homework at the kindergarten level is supposed to be short, sweet, and relevant to what we are learning in class.  I will be sending home homework 2-3 times a week.  At this level, I will not punish or scold any student for not doing or not returning their homework.  Rather, to instill good habits in them at a young age, I would like to reward those students who DO complete their homework.  We have a homework incentive.  Each student has a reward chart like this one.  I give the students a sticker for their chart every time they return their homework in a timely manner.  When they complete a colored pencil with stickers, they will get a small prize.  As they fill up the rest of the pencils, they will receive a progressively bigger prize each time.  I hope that the extra practice they are doing will help solidify the concepts that we are learning together in class and will help them make connections to everyday life!

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